Exploring Charlotte Business Center

queen cityAs the modern world of high technology and mass communication moves forward deeper into the twentieth century, modern people must adapt to the changing conditions if they wish to prosper in the real world. This is doubly true of businesses, who must regularly find new ways to reach customers and sell them products and services while updating their products and services to be competitive in the ever more technologically advanced marketplace. This is not even, even in a region with a relaxed pace like Charlotte, North Carolina. Still, the world will not wait for a calm focused business day as the residents of the region are used to, and neither can businesses in Charlotte. To stay in the game, businesses must become international, open at all hours and willing to go the extra mile for their customers.

Fortunately, there are places where businesses can gather and prosper. While many local businesses may not entirely need a large or even small office space, businesses that grow to the proper size can benefit immensely from proper office space. Other businesses may benefit more from warehouse space. Enter the Charlotte NC Business Center. This corporate campus rents out commercial space in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. Whether it’s offices or warehouses, the Charlotte Business Center has space and time for every business of every size, shape and description. If your business plan calls for an office, be it for a legal team, advertising firm, coordinating large farms, serving as a nexus for an overland shipping business, gathering your programmers together in one place, running a small local publishing house, serving as a branch of a large company that requires multiple elements and departments to keep functioning or any other purpose that may call for a singular business location, the Charlotte Business Center has you covered.

The Charlotte Business Center is located inside the Charlotte Interstate 485 beltway, near the heart of vibrant downtown Charlotte, where many businesses will find other resources related to their business that will aid them in continuing their work in the Charlotte area and indeed, the global arena. Most significant of these resources is the Charlotte Douglas International Airport; while it is not the largest airport in the country, it does, however, offer a gateway between Charlotte and the entire world, from Rome to Bangkok to Santiago, should such connections prove necessary for a Charlotte business, a situation that, in this global economy, is slowly but steadily becoming a commercial reality for all businesses. The local highways are also of note, as Interstate 85 connects Charlotte to the nearby American metropolises of Atlanta, Georgia, and Petersburg, Virginia. From Petersburg, Interstate 85 becomes Interstate 95, leading to Richmond, Virginia, Washington, DC and all the way up the entire East Coast. These transportation features allow businesses in the Charlotte area to extend their reach beyond just North Carolina and expand into a national, at times even international world, whatever it takes to reach their customers and continue the process of industry in the ever-changing world.

Fun Places to Go in Charlotte NC

charlotte parkWhen it comes to enjoying the most an area has to offer, it’s important to do a little research ahead of time to make sure you have an idea of what fun places are the best fit for your specific tastes. Charlotte is widely viewed as one of the ten best cities with urban forests in the country, and this appreciation of beauty on every level

Plenty of Sports Going On

Charlotte is actually home to the NASCAR hall of fame, which is a great stop for anyone who loves racing. During the NFL season fans can catch the Super Bowl runner-up Carolina Panthers during a home game, or during baseball season you can enjoy America’s Official Pastime by seeing the Charlotte Knights play at popular BB&T Ball Park.

Sports fans will have no trouble finding something to do throughout the city, no matter what the season.

Plenty of Fun for Everyone in the Family

The Carowinds is an outstanding amusement park setup that offers plenty of fun for families who have children of all ages. The Blumenthal Performing Arts Center is home to many plays, acts, and a variety of other artistic events or shows. There’s always something going on there.

Walking tours of the city lead to not only the most popular parks but also many historical buildings, parks, and show off the incredible beauty of a city that really goes out of the way to keep the entire urban landscape looking as gorgeous as possible. The outdoor exercise while meeting friendly people is also a great way to go if Mom and Dad plan on grabbing some drinks later that night.

Whether grabbing beer and food at the historic Old Mecklenburg Brewery or the VBGB Beer Hall & Garden, there are plenty of great options when it comes to custom beer, great drinks, and fantastic food to go with it.

Perfect for Family Vacations

There are many places to go in Charlotte NC that is perfect for a family vacation. Named one of the 10 best cities in the country for family vacations during spring break, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that that a serious effort is made by the city to offer entertainment for family members of all ages. In fact, kids won’t stop you from having an amazing time, especially when checking out ImaginOn, a children’s museum that is considered one of the finest in the entire country. Discovery Place is another great destination for families that is both educational and fun.

Add to a large number of urban parks and other child-friendly venues and it’s not hard to see why this city does so well as a family destination.


When it comes to having a lot of fun, residents and visitors alike can enjoy the many places to go in Charlotte NC that offer the full range of experiences for people of all ages. There are many fun places to visit and enjoy throughout the city of Charlotte and no matter what your particular interest, you will be able to put together an itinerary that is fun for everyone involved.